• We are hungry

    There are more restaurants per capita in the United States than at any time in history. That fact alone fuels fierce competition across all industry segments. It’s never been more important for restaurant chains to understand who their customers are and what brings them back. Finding correct answers to questions like those has been the basis of more than two decades of successful restaurant work for LOOMIS.

    • Quick-Service Restaurants
    • Fast Casual Dining
    • Casual Dining
    • Beverage
  • Retailers need retail experts

    Retailers face unique challenges that not all agencies are equipped to handle. Generating traffic, converting sales, boosting average ticket and unit volume while supporting the complex machinery of multi-unit retail operations is what we do best. We’re organized and resourced to execute for retail.

    • Home Goods
    • Banking
    • Personal Care
    • Grocery
    • Discount
  • The art of selling service

    How do you sell the invisible? The intangible nature of consumer services makes marketing them a richly imaginative exercise. Understanding what business you’re really in is our first step, and that means discovering what people are really buying. We help you turn the right promises into sales.

    • Nonprofit
    • Employment
    • Home
  • Let the competition begin

    Sometimes the best strategy for building brand interest is leveraging a sports or entertainment partner. Borrowing interest from the world of sports and entertainment is a time-proven method for creating powerful consumer engagement. We help clients turn sports and entertainment assets into sales. At our place, it’s always game on.

    • Sports
    • Entertainment