Using social listening to sell pizza


You never know when the craving for pizza will strike. Fortunately, if you are listening closely, customers will tell you. Through a focused social listening effort, LOOMIS was able to zero in on opportunities to put Papa John’s in front of customers at the perfect time—decision time.


Our team honed in on expected keywords in the social space—“hungry,” “munchies,” and “don’t want to cook tonight”—along with the unexpected like “tonight is all about dinner and the Scandal season finale” or “why does it take two hours to get Chinese delivered?” Then we responded with a special link and promotional discount on customer orders, and created a unique landing page for customers to claim their special offers.


The ROI on the direct spend was 2-to-1. But, this is social media! Our real job was to generate viral 
buzz for the offers. So, we built a landing page where customers could share the offer with friends online. 
Customers loved the playful way we engaged with them and freely shared their special codes through 
their own networks. The result was a 15-to-1 ROI. Now that’s tasty!