Metro Mattress's owner, Rebecca Shiroff.

Metro Mattress is a 50+ store retail mattress chain spread across Syracuse, Albany, and Buffalo. When they contacted Loomis in 2014 they were in the second consecutive year of negative sales. This was in spite of a well-established brand name and a solid reputation for quality and service.

The mattress category is extremely unique. The average mattress customer is out of the market for over seven years. Then, once back in the market the typical consumer usually makes their purchase in about 72 hours. Now combine this short buying cycle with the fact that a quality mattress is expensive and you can see why “TRUST” is the name of the game.

LOOMIS recommended a campaign that relies heavily on two key differentiators:

  • A category leading twelve-month “sleep on it guarantee” where Metro customers have a year to decide if they like the mattress they purchased. If not, they bring it back and get it replaced for free.  Talk about peace of mind.
  • New television commercials where we opted for the wife of the owner as a spokesperson because it underscored our client as a local store you can trust as opposed to some faceless mega-chain.

Since the switch to the new campaign in the first quarter of 2015 comp sales are up over 25% versus 2014.  Additionally, the average purchase has gone up over 30% while customer satisfaction as measured by YELP scores and other social media have also improved greatly with “likes” on the corporate Facebook page up ten-fold.  Buoyed by their sales success, Metro Mattress is back on track as the market leader in their existing markets, and is also planning an aggressive expansion into new markets and other retail channels.