Motivating customers through tough times

Case Study_Sleep Experts


Who wants to think about buying a new mattress? That was the problem this regional mattress retailer challenged us with in 2009, just as the economy had begun to falter. Discretionary purchases—and especially grudge purchases—were off the list for most American households. Our job was to change that for Sleep Experts. They wanted traffic, improved conversion, better average 
tickets, and of course, sales. The chain was seeking heavy unit growth to improve its acquisition appeal.


The LOOMIS team went to work quickly, exploring the brand for hidden advantages and we found an important one. Sleep Experts had successfully operationalized business practices that allowed the chain to dramatically outperform industry peers on customer satisfaction. The challenge for us was to turn that insight into marketing performance. Our answer: a true category revolution. We introduced the first “One-Year Love Your Mattress Guarantee” campaign, which allowed unhappy customers to return or exchange their mattresses for up to one full year. Response was immediate and sustained.


Sales increased 30 percent the first month the campaign was rolled out, touching off a long series of record-breaking sales gains. Best of all, it was a strategy competitors couldn’t follow. The success allowed Sleep Experts to expand as planned. Mattress Firm acquired the chain in 2014.