Re-energizing an iconic brand


In 2002, LOOMIS was hired by a group of 204 franchisees representing 601 DQ units in Texas. They desperately needed to get things turned around. Representing 15% of the DQ system, their $452,000 average unit volume significantly lagged the national average.


Our team took charge by clarifying the brand’s position in the Lone Star State with a new campaign driven by a compelling consumer insight. Texans had a unique latent “Favorite Son” affinity for the brand. We managed to reawaken that affinity with the now iconic, “DQ, That’s What I Like About Texas” campaign. The campaign included new product development, regional and local store marketing programs and heavy broadcast promotion.


Functioning as an outsourced marketing group, LOOMIS’s steady and consistent guidance helped move the largest DQ region from lagging to leading the nation in just three years. That momentum was maintained for another decade, as AUVs climbed to just under $1 million.