RibCrib is Smokin’ the Good Stuff with LOOMIS

Oklahoma artisans featured making the good stuff by hand in the BBQ joint’s new commercial 

DALLAS—April x, 2017—Top quality, no compromises, and never mass produced. The very best you can get. That’s the good stuff. It’s what RibCrib delivers every day with its slow, hickory-smoked meats hand crafted by seasoned pitmasters with years of experience.

To convey the message of craftsmanship in the brand’s latest TV commercial, The LOOMIS Agency featured Oklahoma artisans who share RibCrib’s dedication to making the good stuff by hand.

“Great barbecue is more art than science,” said Jeff Morrell, VP of marketing for RibCrib. “Like all good things, it can’t be rushed. That’s why we’ve been making the good stuff the same way for 25 years, low and slow. We hope customers will enjoy seeing the commitment and craftsmanship that our pitmasters put into every slow-smoked bite.”

Mike Sullivan president of The LOOMIS Agency added, “The folks at RibCrib are passionate about barbecue and just like the artisans featured in the commercial, they cut no corners. It’s been rewarding to work with them to define the essence of the brand, build a winning strategy, and tell the brand story.”