Rug Doctor Reveals its Institute of Clean with LOOMIS

Rug Doctor is rolling out a new national television campaign created by The LOOMIS Agency to introduce the D.O.C., the director of clean, and tour of the Institute of Clean, the over-the-top testing lab.

The campaign was inspired by the agency’s visit to Rug Doctor’s real research and development facility in Fenton, Mo. where a team of dedicated chemists and mechanical engineers collaborate daily to create machines and cleaning solutions that make carpet stains and grime disappear.

“The team in Fenton is so in to what they do; spending time with them really made us think, ‘this is the story of the brand,’” said Tina Tackett, executive creative director at the LOOMIS Agency. “These commercials are certainly a stylized telling of the story of Rug Doctor, but it’s all based on fact.”

Jan Valentic, chief marketing officer for Rug Doctor said, “We loved the concept of the campaign from the first time we saw it. The D.O.C. is a total embodiment of who we really are, a bit nerdy and OCD about getting people’s homes cleaner.”

Another facet of the campaign is the term “disgustifaction” which the agency coined to describe the feeling one gets when dumping out the nasty water after a deep clean with a Rug Doctor. Added to Urban Dictionary, it also provides a convenient hashtag for the campaign.

In addition to television, the campaign is supported with point-of-sale messaging, social media and pre-roll video.

LOOMIS’s last campaign for Rug Doctor including the double entendre “Do It Once A Year” resulted in steady buzz for the brand. The campaign earned two Davey Awards and bolstered LOOMIS’s win for Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year Silver, Southwest.