LOOMIS Acquires Hadeler Krueger

The whole team gathers 'round to celebrate.

The whole team gathers ’round to celebrate.

Former Agency Partners Reunite for Challenger Brands

DALLAS Jan. 19, 2015 – The nation’s leading ad agency for challenger brands, LOOMIS has acquired Dallas ad agency peer, Hadeler Krueger (HK).

Hadeler Krueger is carrying over a roster of notable clients including the United Methodist Church and the Army Airforce Exchange. All HK clients will benefit from LOOMIS’s full-service in-house capabilities, including creative, digital and traditional media, video production, public relations, and original music composition and production.

LOOMIS agency president, Mike Sullivan, said there were several strategic reasons for the move, but chief among them are the complementary business cultures of the two agencies and the opportunity to add to the agency’s team of talented professionals.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our new client relationships, but relationships are built by talented people who love what they do. That’s what made this an easy decision for us,” said Mike Sullivan, president at LOOMIS. “We’re bringing in some fantastic new team members, one of whom is a former business partner.”

Sullivan and HK president, David Hadeler built an ad agency together in the 1990s that was recognized twice by advertising trade magazine, Adweek, as the “Hottest Agency in the Southwest.”

“I wish every business decision were as easy as this one,” said Sullivan. “At LOOMIS, our culture pervades everything do, from hiring and training to our business development efforts. We focus on finding team members and clients who share our values and embrace the business philosophy of Conscious Capitalism. That’s what made HK so appealing. They share our values, and we believe in their clients and the exceptional talent of their people. We wholeheartedly welcome them into the LOOMIS family.”

Hadeler added, “LOOMIS’s capabilities are simply unmatched. Our team is thrilled to offer our clients a new breadth of in-house services and collaborate and combine our creative energy into something unique.”

With the addition of the Hadeler Kreuger team, LOOMIS now has 57 employees in its North Dallas office. In 2015, LOOMIS was recognized by the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Business Journal as one of the best places to work.

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LOOMIS is a full-service advertising agency in Dallas that specializes in defining and leveraging the strategic advantages for challenger brands. The agency was founded in 1984 by Paul Loomis, a composer and musician who earned a national reputation for brand-image music development. He expanded the agency in 1998 to meet the growing demand, and today, LOOMIS is a unique blend of record-setting advertising services and world-class music production. Learn more at www.loomisagency.wpengine.com.