Are you giving your brand the attention it deserves?

Brands are more important today than at any point in the history of consumerism. Customers have more choices and marketers have more options for communicating with customers than ever before. Developing and maintaining a strong brand requires discipline and vigilance, which makes it important for brand leaders to periodically invite regular reviews from those with informed yet fresh perspectives.

This is what LOOMIS ImagiBrand is all about.

In just six weeks, we’ll take a comprehensive look at how your brand shows up in the marketplace. We’ll validate the things we believe are working, and make comprehensive recommendations in areas where we see room for improvement. Our assessment covers everything your company is doing or should be doing to build and promote your brand. The deliverables are comprehensive and include:

  • Recommendations for a brand strategy
  • Creative concepts illustrated across a variety of key customer touch points
  • Media recommendations (both digital and traditional, as required)
  • Budget recommendations

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