We want our homes to be places of refuge and relaxation in this stressful world. That’s where The Container Store comes in. As the only store devoted to organization, the brand was a perfect match for a partnership with HGTV, DIY networks—and LOOMIS. Long comfortable with reaching consumers with billboards and catalogs, they now wanted to use TV to show off their brand’s unique ability to help people stylishly organize and simplify their lives. They wanted a compelling concept that would create new Container Store devotees—and make them as passionate about the brand as their faithful shoppers. The spot, entitled “Phenomenon,” begins with an air of mystery and explores unexpected moments of reduced stress that happen when your home is organized with products from The Container Store. Airing exclusively on the networks’ signature shows (Fixer Upper, House Hunters, and Pool Kings) the spot will receive 69 million views and inspire people to realize The Container Store effect in their own homes.