Our research showed that only 9% of Golden Chick customers are first timers – so we knew that trial successfully created loyalty. What brought them back? Turns out it was Golden Chick’s superior quality. Golden Chick fans appreciated that Golden Chick’s Original Golden Tenders were made from 100% tenderloin, marinated for 24 hours. And they absolutely loved their rolls, freshly baked in-house daily. We believed a message around quality would stand out in a sea of discounts and promotional messaging, and encourage trial in the competitive QSR chicken market. After all, we knew that once someone tried Golden Chick, they were highly likely to become a repeat customer. What better way to generate that trial than to capture real, authentic reactions of people trying Golden Chick for the first time? So, we took the Golden Chick trailer to the streets to sample real menu items for real people, and the results were pretty darn tasty.