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Nearly 25 years ago now, a group of us sat around our conference table and discussed what we wanted this new advertising agency in Dallas to look like. At the time we were a small advertising agency Dallas knew for brand music, catchy jingles, and hard-working retail work for a dozen local clients. But even then, we wanted to be more. In that room, those from the existing agency and those of us coming from other places each talked about the best parts of each advertising agency in Dallas we had worked at, and even some about the worst parts. We agreed then and there that we wanted to build The LOOMIS Agency on the strengths of our previous agencies while eliminating the negative, toxic, soul-killing elements from which many of us had run. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were building the foundation of a company culture we’d later write a book about. We were creating the advertising agency Dallas would come to know as the country’s leading challenger brand agency and the “voice of the underdog.” LOOMIS is the nexus of challenger branding and company culture and now almost into our fourth decade, we are proud to be recognized as thought leaders in both. 

That said, ours is not an easy business.



In many ways, advertising is a much-maligned industry. In a 2021 Gallup poll of the “Least Trusted Professions in the U.S.” based on standards of honesty and ethics, advertising professionals finished second from the bottom. (Thank God for the tie between car salesmen and members of Congress.) Interestingly, business executives ranked just above advertising practitioners so whether you’re the agency or the client, the same skepticism applies. In a separate 2021 poll of 1,000 consumers, only 34% said they trusted the brands they used. One in three. And here’s the rub – 81% said trust is a deciding factor in their purchase decisions. Add all of that together and it’s pretty clear, our business of branding and persuasion is a tough one. But that’s also why great agencies and their clients stand out when they do things right. 



We take our reputation as the advertising agency Dallas underdogs (and other brands from around the country) trust in a dogfight very seriously. Challenger brands that are already outgunned in terms of resources, personnel, and often direction, can’t afford an agency partner inexperienced in what it means to be a challenger brand fighting against the category killers. We know what that takes because fighting hip deep with challenger brands is all we do. And we love it. Here are five key reasons why:



Whether you’re an advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, or an ad agency in Dallas, Georgia, (or for that matter, an advertising agency in Dallas, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, or South Dakota), it’s hard to differentiate yourself from every other advertising agency Dallas (wherever) has to offer. By developing an expertise in challenger branding and committing ourselves to it completely, we have set ourselves apart and given clients a focused reason to work with us. In true challenger fashion, The LOOMIS Agency is not for every client. But for underdog brands looking for ways to leverage who they are, create a lighthouse identity consumers can’t ignore, and give themselves the best chance to win against the category giants, we offer 25 years of experience helping clients exponentially grow their brand, sales, and profits. We never set out to become the country’s leading challenger brand advertising agency but we’re proud that’s what we’ve become. 



At LOOMIS, we love that challenger branding isn’t easy and our team has an unwavering work ethic to match. Unlike category leaders that are often flush with resources, underdogs are not which forces them (and their agency) to be scrappy, nimble, agile, and quick. There are no shortcuts in challenger branding. Excelling in this space takes a strong mix of experience, hard work, and a dedication to constant learning. Where category leaders can often purchase their market share, challengers have no choice but to earn theirs. Underdogs have to be more cunning, more calculating, and committed to finding chinks in the category leaders’ armor that can be exploited and leveraged. When it comes to branding, there are many an advertising agency in Dallas and around the country who prefer playing the role of the general on the hill. The guiding force distanced from the actual battle. We cover that too. But we also love getting in the trenches beside our clients and helping them fight their daily battles. 



Because challenger brands have limited resources, creative problem solving becomes a powerful weapon that when used well, can level and even tilt the playing field in favor of the underdog. At The LOOMIS Agency, we revere our creative staff both for the people they are and the work they produce. But when we say, “creative staff,” we’re not just talking about the creative directors, writers, art directors, and graphic designers. At LOOMIS, we believe creativity can come from anywhere and that when you arm smart, professional, inquisitive people with the freedom and permission to think creatively, they do. We don’t hope our entire team brings creative thinking to everything they do. We expect it. It’s one of the key ways we help underdogs win. We can’t outspend the category leaders. But we can outthink them. We can lean into creative strategies and solutions they either can’t or won’t. And when we do, we draw attention away from the leaders giving our clients more of a fighting chance. The best creative in the world is smart work you never see coming. Delivering that kind of punch is what we strive for every day.



One of the principal reasons we love challenger brands the way we do is that we – The LOOMIS Agency advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – are also a challenger brand. We identify with the challenger mindset because it’s the one we take into the fight every morning. In every category, there are two brand leaders – the Market Leader (usually the biggest) and the Thought Leader. The brand making waves. The one everyone is talking about. The one grabbing all the attention. 

As a challenger brand, we’re not the market leader and neither are our clients. But every day as an advertising agency in Dallas, and as a challenger brand agency laser focused on advertising, branding, and marketing, we commit ourselves to being a thought leader in our category. Not by what we say, but by our behavior. By delivering for our clients. By helping them win. By writing the book on challenger branding and culture. And acting like the underdog we are in everything we do. 



There’s a saying in business that you take on clients for “fame, fortune, or fun.” When things go well for challenger brands, it’s not impossible to hit the trifecta. Challenger branding is exactly that – a challenge. But for those like us who are driven by solving the riddle, working the puzzle, and finding a way where there is no way, there are few things more fun than working on challenger brands. It’s also not lost on us that our business – advertising, marketing, branding, design, digital marketing, social media – is supposed to be fun. That’s part of why we place such a huge onus on building a great company culture. Our industry and our agency draw big thinkers. Problem solvers. People who want to make our clients successful and the world a better place. We’re not unique in that. At heart, every advertising agency Dallas has wants to offer a fun place for its people to work. The key to transformative success is understanding what kind of fun. 

One advertising agency in Dallas might think Ping Pong tables and foosball are fun. Another might lean into open concept floor plans, hanging chairs, endless bowls of chocolate, and white board walls you can write on. There are health-conscious companies that order in gourmet lunches and dinners every day, companies with built-in gyms and sleeping areas so you never actually have to go home, and more places than you’d think where people ride bicycles and Segways around the halls. There are companies with snack closets so robust you wouldn’t be shocked to see a CostCo employee there handing out samples. And more than a few with Kegerators on tap 24/7. All in the spirit of providing a fun place to work, improving morale, driving productivity, and attracting top-notch talent. And they are fun. Depending on the employee, all of this they  may get someone in the door, but alone, they’re not going to keep them. Great culture runs deeper than that and, not surprisingly, so does great talent. Winning is fun. Doubling your client’s customer count is fun. Multiplying another client’s profit by eight times in five years is beyond fun. Grabbing attention, doing something smart, being a thought leader… that’s the kind of fun that drives our team. That, and the friendly pack of dogs that roam around our office. 



At The LOOOMIS Agency, “we help underdogs win.” That has been our mantra for the past 20 years and we’re more committed to it now than we’ve ever been. At LOOMIS, we help challenger underdog brands to think differently. We help them find their voice and urge them to blaze new trails to make sure they stand out from the pack. Whether you need an agency of record or just support on a project, we are here to help you grow your brand, drive sales, raise your profits, and ultimately help you win. We are THE challenger brand advertising agency in Dallas.

Let’s talk. 


We challenge underdog brands to think differently. We help them find their voice, and urge them to blaze new trails to make sure they stand out from the pack. Whether you need an agency of record or support on a project, we are here to help you win.