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Challenger brands may not be the top dogs in their categories, but they aren’t followers. They lead from behind. Often, they do things in ways leaders won’t or simply can’t. They win not by mimicking the pack ahead, but by breaking away from it. Underdogs fight harder and longer. Our job is to help them fight smarter.

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There’s an important movement afoot in the heartland of business called Conscious Capitalism. It’s a business model that LOOMIS embraces and practices wholeheartedly.

Conscious businesses are explicitly managed for the simultaneous benefit of all of their stakeholders: society, partners, investors, customers and employees. In this model, the interests of all stakeholders are aligned so that what is good for one is good for all. It’s the strategic magic that makes respected brands like Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, Patagonia, IKEA and others, so hard for competitors to catch.

We practice Conscious Capitalism throughout all aspects of our business to ensure that when one partner succeeds, we all find success.
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  • EMPLOYEES >> We’re creating an environment that delivers peak career experiences and encourages and supports transformational personal and professional growth.
  • CLIENTS >> We’re helping to create personal peace of mind by delivering smart, well-executed work that delivers against all key performance indicators.
  • MEDIA/PRODUCTION >> We’re contributing to their viability and vitality through honest discourse, and responsible bidding and payment practices. We follow the “Golden Rule” standard. Learn more about how we do media at LOOMIS.
  • FREELANCE TALENT >> We’re embracing our flexible talent pool as though they were directly employed; they are a critical part of our team and should always share our successes.
  • COMMUNITY >> We’re sharing our time and talent by supporting local universities, opening our agency for nonprofit pro bono work, and creating a special opportunity to model the ethos of conscious capitalism through our own nonprofit Will Word 4 Good.
  • SHAREHOLDERS >> We’re providing a fair and reasonable return for their investment and for their personal impact on all other stakeholders.