After all, challenger brands may not be the top dogs in their categories, but they're resourceful. And they have the heart, guts, and desire to take on that top dog. That’s where LOOMIS comes in. We challenge underdogs to think differently and find new ways of doing things. We help them find their voice, and make sure they’re heard. And we urge them to blaze trails the top dogs won’t, or simply can’t, to make sure they stand out from the pack. Underdogs inspire us. We exist to help them win.

we wrote the book

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The Voice Of The Underdog®: How Challenger Brands Create Distinction By Thinking CULTURE FIRST

Advertising veterans Mike Sullivan and Michael Tuggle unpack the poorly understood and grossly underleveraged connection between brand and culture. Filled with fascinating case studies, entertaining stories, and engaging insights, the book examines the true essence of what makes a company a challenger brand, unveils how successful challengers of all sizes use culture to create extraordinary brand distinction, and finishes with a detailed blueprint for building your own transcendent culture.

what we do

It can make a big difference for our clients (and sometimes, it makes all the difference). We consider it a privilege to partner with brands and help them be their best through creativity that does its job well.



Creativity in service of capitalism.

We make advertising for our clients and we offer all the services required to get the job done on time and on budget. From strategy and research, media planning and buying, to award- winning creative development and execution, LOOMIS has the talent and the tools to build integrated marketing campaigns that drive results.

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Strategy and Planning

Break with convention, forge new paths and outperform expectation.

Challengers don’t copy the strategies of category leaders, they invent their own. Our strategic planning team begins by developing a thorough understanding of your business strategy, then we uncover your hidden strengths and opportunities and use them as the foundation for building an aligned communications strategy that will deliver results.


Brand Development

Look inward, gain clarity, and then tell the world.

What do customers think about doing business with your company? That’s your brand in a nutshell. Our strategic planning team will audit your brand from your customer’s perspective, identify areas of incongruence, and collaborate with your team to refine your brand identity. The objective: brand clarity and coherence. When we’re done, you’ll have a comprehensive brand essence guide that will serve as your team’s north star.


Integrated Campaigns

Create synergy, harmonize execution, measure and improve.

The challenge of communicating with your customers in the right way, at the right time, and in the right place has never been more complex. Marketers have long recognized the value of a creative agency that can deliver a tightly integrated effort, but achieving that is more challenging than ever. Our team has the expertise and the tools to help you organize your effort for consistency, continuity, and clarity at every touchpoint.


Media Planning & Buying

Clarify target, understand behavior, and break through efficiently.

Media options remain in a perpetual state of evolution. Today, data and technology have rewritten media rules and offer marketers greater opportunities for creative media solutions. At LOOMIS, our media planning and buying experts work right next to our strategists, analysts, writers, and art directors. Their constant collaboration drives inventive media solutions that puts your brand ahead of the pack.

Digital Services

Digital Services

Identify the path, manage the way, then tune for performance.

We help our clients stay on pace with digital best practices. This is no easy task given the velocity of change, which is why we’ve created a specialized digital unit called Iluminere. Explore Iluminere to learn more about how we can help you with digital experiences, planning and buying digital media, social media, application design and development, and search engine optimization.


Sound Design

Leverage the power of sonic branding.

Music brings a brand to life. What’s more, music makes it memorable. Music supercharges an advertiser’s ability to make deep emotional connections with consumers. And music truly distinguishes LOOMIS among its peers. A top 25 advertising agency, LOOMIS was founded by an accomplished composer and has a state-of-the art studio facility run by a Grammy winning audio engineer. We have the talent and the tools to build sound brands.


Broadcast & Video

Pick a screen, appreciate its role, create accordingly.

The way consumers experience broadcast and video content varies dramatically by medium, and their experiences are always evolving. At LOOMIS, our media and creative teams are organized for the essential collaboration required to create the right message for the medium. From concept through production, we turn ideas into visual experiences that connect with consumers.



Be thoughtful, be functional, be interesting.

When it’s done well packaging sells. It draws attention, creates distinction, and sends a message. Good packaging enhances the brand experience. From retail to QSR and darned near everything in between, our design team delivers packaging that moves people.

a word from our clients


Chief Marketing Officer | Rug Doctor

“LOOMIS not only does the big ideas right, they also think about how to translate those big ideas into a digital format.”


Chief Communications Officer | United Methodist Communications

“One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed about working with LOOMIS is that they are infinitely creative.”


VP of Marketing | Rib Crib

“You guys do a really great job of understanding our business and trying to walk in our shoes.”


Former VP of Marketing | Massage Heights

“When I need strategic help and insights, we work together to solve the problem. And they provide great solutions.”

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We challenge underdog brands to think differently. We help them find their voice, and urge them to blaze new trails to make sure they stand out from the pack. Whether you need an agency of record or support on a project, we are here to help you win.