5 Apps to Make Your Social Content More Engaging

March 18, 2016 | blog | By Mike Sullivan

Feeling like your challenger brand is in a social media rut? Have no fear, these apps are here, offering you endless ways to show your brand personality and serve up a more engaging experience for your users.

1 – Dubsmash was one of the top free apps in 2015. It pairs audio clips with your video—karaoke style.

Ways to use Dubsmash:

  • Show your CEO’s fun side with a song or soundbite.
  • Upload branded audio, and invite users to make their own video.

If you’re really lucky, maybe J-Lo will Dubsmash your brand for you.


2 – Boomerang was developed by Instagram and is similar to a gif in that it allows you to create a lightning-fast, one-second video that loops. Similar to a moving picture.

Ways to use Boomerang: 

  • Use a Boomerang in place of a gif.
  • Offer your brand’s reaction to news or holidays.
  • Show your product in motion.

3 – Hyperlapse, another app from Instagram, takes video and speeds it up 1 to 12 times faster. You can adjust the speed. Long videos can be a turn off for viewers, so it’s a great way of condensing a video down to a few seconds.  It’s a nice tool for our short digital attention spans.

Ways to use Hyperlapse: 

  • Give a tour of your office, store, or facility.
  • Walk around an event, tradeshow, or party to give viewers the feeling of being here.
  • Conduct a product demonstration from start to finish.

4 – Flipagram – Create video stories set to music right from your phone. Flipagram signed a music licensing deal and claims more than 33 million users.

Ways to use Flipagram: 

  • Create a highlight reel for an event or promotion.
  • Show a day in the life of your business.
  • Show how a product is made.

5 – Faceswap is a quirky tool that’s not for all brands but has gained popularity with parents face-swapping with their children, people with their pets, men with women—the options span the spectrum of weirdness. It has even inspired its own community on Reddit.

Ways to use Faceswap: 

  • Have some fun with your company spokesperson or mascot.
  • Face-swap a couple of your leaders in opposite roles. Think suits and creatives. Millennials with Boomers.

Social media is about being where your people are, so join the fun and don’t be afraid to experiment. Check out our social pages to see how we’ve been having fun with social apps.




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