The Effect of a Great Agency/Client Partnership

August 7, 2017 | blog | By Mike Sullivan

Every so often, an opportunity comes along to work on an iconic brand you’ve admired from afar for years. When that brand taps you to work with them on a special television project, it’s not only an honor but it tends to inspire quite a bit of joyful celebrating. That was our experience this past spring when we got the call from The Container Store to help them create a TV spot for their new partnership with HGTV and DIY networks.

After years of reaching consumers with billboards and catalogs, the client now wanted a compelling TV concept to captivate new shoppers and intrigue them to come check out their thousands of stylish organizational products. We felt confident that once we got them in the door they’d become as passionate about the brand as so many of us. To do that, we needed to explain why The Container Store was so special and remind viewers why The Container Store name is synonymous with organization.

The spot, entitled “Phenomenon,” doesn’t immediately reveal the brand, but hooks the viewer with a sense of mystery: what is going on this beautiful, clutter-free home? When the payoff comes, it connects the idea of a low-stress home environment with a happy life. Heavy on the art direction, with a spot-on VO and music track that somehow channels both Danny Elfman and Wes Anderson (composed by industry legends Paul Loomis and Tre Nagella of Luminous Sound), “Phenomenon” is work of which our team is incredibly proud. We had a blast coming up with all the ways The Container Store Effect could manifest itself, and look forward to seeing how The Container Store’s internal creative team rolls out the idea in-store and through their other marketing materials.

The spot will begin airing today (August 7th) on HGTV signature shows like Fixer Upper, House Hunters, and Pool Kings. With over 69 million expected views, it’s our hope that “Phenomenon” inspires the HGTV audience to yearn for a Container Store Effect in their own homes.

Not only have we thoroughly enjoyed working with the Container Store team, but hearing they feel you’ve nailed the end product to the point that they can’t contain their excitement, it turns an outstanding opportunity into something, well, phenomenal.


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