Elevating Your Brand with a Nontraditional Spokesperson

April 1, 2016 | blog | By Mike Sullivan

Not every challenger brand has the budget to hire the likes of Gisele, but with some innovative thinking, you might find your ideal spokesperson in an unlikely place. Here are some examples that fall outside the realm of the usual and predictable—if not boring—celebrity endorsers and genuinely relate with consumers on a deeper level.



Caitlyn Jenner for MAC Cosmetics
The Kardashians are so 2015. It’s the former member of the Kardashian household, Caitlyn Jenner, who has everyone talking now. The world’s new “it girl” has been named the new face of MAC Cosmetics, and it’s not the first time the trend-setting cosmetics brand has chosen a fashion-forward transgender spokesmodel. Ru Paul was once the face of the brand and showed that beautiful cosmetics are not just for the traditional customer. The new partnership with Jenner begins April 7 along with the rollout of a signature lipstick shade. There’s also a cause marketing component with the MAC Aids Fund Transgender Initiative.


Grumpy Cat for Friskies
Cat brands already have a leg up (or is it a tail?) on getting consumer attention. There are endless possibilities for showing cat antics for memorable advertising. But the charmingly frown-faced feline, Grumpy Cat allowed Friskies to shift away from the obvious and align with the Internet sensation. Friskies featured Grumpy Cat in aYouTube series, introduced her own flavor of Creamy Crabby Sauce, and even planned appearances for fan photos.

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The Snapple Lady
Snapple employee, Wendy Kaufman, made a name for herself when she was selected to be featured in a popular 1990s ad campaign. She read fan letters using her thick and endearing Long Island accent. She became so well recognized that people dubbed her the “Snapple lady.” It goes to show that sometimes employees are the best spokespeople.


Joe Namath for Beauty Mist
Football great Joe Namath was featured in a now-classic example of a surprise celebrity endorsement as he showed off his million-dollar legs in a TV ad for Beauty Mist pantyhose.

Your spokesperson could be any memorable personality who resonates with your customers, and they don’t need to be a high-dollar celebrity. Just remember, keep it authentic, point to your differentiators, and consider a voice for the brand who challenges the conventional. That’s challenger brand thinking at its best.

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