LOOMIS purchases trademark for the word “Underdog”

April 1, 2014 | blog | By Mike Sullivan

April 1, 2014 – DALLAS  – According to anonymous sources close to the Trademark and Patent Office, Dallas ad agency LOOMIS has purchased the trademark for the word “Underdog” to help solidify the challenger brand positioning of the agency. While the terms of the purchase weren’t disclosed, an unnamed trademark attorney and linguistics expert puts the cost north of $4.27 million.

“As THE challenger brand agency, we determined after much discussion that it was in our best interest to own the word “underdog” moving forward,” said agency spokesman Tex Deighton. “While LOOMIS has been the voice of the underdog for many years, we’re proud LOOMIS is now the HOME of the underdog as well.”

When asked about the hefty price tag for purchasing the trademark, Deighton explained the logic behind the move. “Is seven figures a ton to pay for one word? Sure. But if we’re going to own the positioning, we want to own the word too. Besides, we’re confident we can earn at least half of the money back in the next 12 to 16 years. By our calculations, each year during March Madness, CBS, TNT and ESPN broadcasters use the word “underdog” 1,473 times on average. Starting next year, every time they do, they’ll be writing LOOMIS a check for $16.27. That doesn’t even count how many times the word is used in print and online.” Unconfirmed rumors suggest LOOMIS may also be going after the words “Cinderella” and “12th Seed.”

Sources have confirmed the purchase does not include rights to the “Underdog” cartoon character created by NBC in 1964 and later voiced by master thespian, Wally Cox. According to Deighton, while Underdog is “one badass dog and crime fighter,” including that property would have made the purchase prohibitively expensive.

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