Periscope for Challenger Brands

March 10, 2016 | blog | By Mike Sullivan


With the high demand for video content, challenger brands are exploring the latest apps and tools to engage users. One of the most notable, Periscope, is the live video streaming app that allows you to see what’s happening around the world live. The app launched in 2015 and soon after reported 10 million users.

When news breaks, many of us head straight to Twitter to read what people are saying; Periscope now allows you to see what’s happening through the lens of someone who is actually there. Instead of a “like” button, Periscope viewers can send hearts or post comments or questions. The broadcaster can respond verbally as part of the video feed allowing real-time interaction. When it’s over, the broadcast can be replayed for up to 24 hours.

The simplified video broadcasting capability presents countless opportunities for challenger brands who don’t have the budget or the time to set up a fully produced video feed.

Serve up an expert. Pick a topic, assign an expert, and go live to share your knowledge.

Host a giveaway. Imagine the excitement of a promotion culminating with a live Periscope drawing for a free car or free dessert for a year. Users could tune in to see who wins.

Demonstrate a new product. Show how your product works and what makes it unique with a live broadcast.

Demonstrate an old product. Tackle some of the common mistakes people make with your product with a live how-to demonstration.

Collaborate with influencers. Amplify your reach and combine forces with another influencer by inviting both of your audiences to come together for a broadcast.

Give a tour. Show your customers what your headquarters is like, or tour a restaurant kitchen to show the extreme cleanliness and the handcrafted preparation of the food.

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Introduce your leadership. Conduct a Q&A with a member of your leadership team. Ask vendors, distributors, franchisees, or customers to join in the conversation.

Go behind the scenes. Events naturally make good content for Periscope. Show what’s going on at an industry event or tradeshow or broadcast live from a celebration, sports event, concert, or other activity.

Host a Periscope press conference. Got good news like a new executive or product? Invite media contacts to join a Periscope press conference. Give careful thought to anticipating questions and preparing answers in advance.

Manage crises. A key to successfully managing company crises is to demonstrate urgency and responsiveness. A short Periscope broadcast could allow your leadership team to brief the audience, express concern and attentiveness to the situation, and provide an update.

Show customer testimonials. Let people try your product and show their reactions live.

Take a look at Periscope and explore the potential. You might find good use for these ideas and more.

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