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What is it you want from a digital marketing agency? Clicks? Sales? Smart, dynamic creative and media that will grab the consumer and not let go? Good. That’s what we do here. Iluminere is the digital engine of LOOMIS, the country’s leading challenger brand advertising and marketing agency, and digital is what we do. From home services to healthcare, from food to financial, we deliver clever, effective, insight-driven digital marketing solutions to clients of all sizes across the country. We’re driving sales and building companies in dozens of categories with our comprehensive menu of digital marketing strategy, creative, and media. But unlike every other digital marketing agency in Dallas TX and beyond, that’s not where our capabilities stop. We fight for the underdog. We exclusively work with challenger brands trying to compete and win against the category leaders and with our help, they do. Often. That takes a unique mindset and understanding of what it means to be a challenger brand and how to go to battle as one. We get it. Because we too are a challenger brand. We are the underdog digital marketing agency Dallas TX seeks and we deliver on three fundamental fronts. 



In terms of complexity and the number of options at our fingertips, our digital marketing agency in Dallas TX offers an almost endless opportunity to build smart, creative, effective campaigns to reach a wide range of consumers. The speed with which we can connect with our target markets and the metrics we have to measure those connections is unprecedented giving us extraordinary focus and flexibility. 

Whether our clients are calling for traditional, or digital marketing, everything we do begins with a data-driven insight into the consumer we’re targeting. Without genuine insights, any campaign is simply an educated guess. Once we have the insights, we factor in everything we know about challenger branding and how that affects the strategies, creative, and media we bring to market. Underdogs don’t fight like category leaders. And because of that, we can’t think like them either. Our digital marketing team is well-versed in every area of both challenger branding and digital, and we deliver our expertise in six key areas of service:

UX/UI – In digital marketing, User Experience and User Interface are crucial to any deliverable. If the consumer has a poor experience with the brand, there are plenty of competitors they can find with the click of a button. We create digital marketing that’s effective, disruptive, and dynamic. Our digital agency in Dallas TX brings years of extensive experience designing mobile applications, content creation, adaptive websites, responsive websites, in-store interactive displays, and promotions. From both the creation and implementation of our work to full analytics, we deliver digital marketing work consumers love with results our clients can’t ignore.

Strategy – For years, strategy wasn’t something that could be easily tested. Digital marketing changed all that. Now, powered by data-driven insights, we can determine what the smartest tactics are for fighting the giants and if there are multiple options, digital marketing allows us to test them to see which is working best. On the strategic front, we excel in marketing and promotion planning, concept development, data-driven insights, transactional strategic development, and creative execution for challenger brands of every size, type, and location.

Social Media – Nothing in history has ever connected us the way social media has. And despite the name, it’s not just social. It’s business. More than 91 percent of marketers do business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and dozens of others. At LOOMIS, we find social media endlessly intriguing and to leverage it every way possible, we’ve developed a digital marketing expertise in every corner of Web 2.0 including content creation, social influencer marketing, social strategy, social reputation management, calendar development, and social promotions. Now, Web 3.0 – the Metaverse – is upon us and once again the world and everything in it is about to be turned upside down. Or, more accurately, completely recreated. 

e-Commerce – Creativity in service of capitalism. That’s what we do, and the digital marketing world is no different. Presently, 14 percent of all retail sales happen online and by 2025, the e-Commerce estimate suggests that number will exceed 22 percent. E-Commerce used to be a “next step” luxury. Now, it’s a requirement for companies to stay alive. As the leading challenger brand digital marketing agency in Dallas TX, we offer a full suite of custom and off-the-shelf e-Commerce solutions complemented by our social commerce, mobile first and conversion optimization offerings.

Digital Media – Great strategy and creative work are only half of the equation. Every effective campaign requires a smart, laser focused media plan and that’s extra true in digital. Our digital marketing agency in Dallas TX brings our clients decades of experience in pay-per-click (PPC), data analytics, and programmatic display. We also offer a full digital influencer platform, and Google partnership for campaigns that require it.

CRM – As Customer Relationship Management (CRM) continues to evolve, so do we. Current with both new strategies and new technology, we offer our clients both off-the-shelf and custom-created CRM platforms, as well as mobile loyalty applications, email retention programs, and texting campaigns. 



In the past decade, digital marketing in Dallas TX and the rest of the world has exploded with a constant stream of new technologies, platforms, and strategies for reaching consumers quicker and more efficiently. Developments that used to take years, now take months and keeping up is part of the fun. In a way traditional marketing never could, digital gives us the chance to experiment. To try new things. To test various combinations of technology and concept to see which ones are the most effective at reaching our consumers.Digital marketing in Dallas TX, New York, London, Sydney, or Rome has given us an entirely new playing field and one that’s both complex and mesmerizing. When utilized well, it’s also brutally effective.

As the premier digital marketing agency in Dallas TX, here are seven areas where we serve our clients most:

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is critical to challenger brands competing with bigger brands with bigger resources. Where category leaders can often buy their way to the top of the search rankings, underdogs have to earn it. Google alone fields 5.6 billion searches every day and when those calls go out, we have to be found. To improve those odds, we help our clients optimize their website and work for SEO, we create search-friendly content, and we implement current best practices to help our clients rise in the rankings. 

Content Marketing – Content, content, content. The digital marketing world thrives on it and so does business. In every category, there are two brand leaders – the Market Leader, usually the biggest… and the Thought Leader. The brand making waves. The one everyone is talking about. The one grabbing all the attention. A steady stream of smart, engaging, insightful content optimized for SEO is how you grab the mantle of thought leadership. For challengers committed to using it, content marketing can be a challenger brand secret weapon.

Social Media –With dozens of platforms, each with a unique personality and community, social media presents an extraordinary opportunity for digital marketing clients to engage with their consumers. These numbers from HubSpot alone are staggering: 1.8 billion daily users on Facebook, 1.1 billion users on Instagram, 774 million users on LinkedIn, 319 million users on Twitter. Virtually everyone in the world engages with social media on a daily basis and we help our clients connect with them in ways that are meaningful and lasting.

Video Marketing – If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what’s a :47 video worth? Every year, the number of brands utilizing video marketing increases and that should come as no surprise. Among the many tools offered by our digital marketing agency in Dallas TX, few are more engaging than video content. For the same reasons we love movies and television, video marketing content combines pictures and sound to grab attention in a way static communication simply can’t. Plus, in many cases, the intimacy of a personal video message is something that cannot be duplicated by an email, letter, or text. From simple live action to complex animation, our team is experienced and ready to deliver. 

Email Marketing – According to Statista, by 2024, there will be nearly 4.5 billion people sending email. That’s a lot to read. Howard Gossage, the father of San Francisco advertising once noted, “people read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” Yes, and sometimes, it’s an email. But not usually. For email marketing to work, the content has to be great, it needs to be tailored to a segmented audience, and visually, the look has to be engaging. Then it has to be tracked for effectiveness and adjusted to optimize the impact it delivers. Once the content is dialed in, it’s rinse and repeat. Branding is built on communication over time. We build email marketing that does just that.

Lead Generation – It’s no great surprise that according to HubSpot, the top priority for marketers is generating leads. For category leaders and challenger brands alike, new leads are a required lifeblood for growth. And unlike 20, or even 10 years ago, the automation and workflows that digital marketing provides make lead gen more effective and more affordable than ever before. Depending on the need, we can build custom lead generation programs, or simply leverage existing technology to improve our clients’ performance. 

Advertising and MarketingDigital marketing agency Dallas TX. That’s our sweet spot. But from strategy and account service, to creative and media, we’re proud to serve the digital marketing and advertising needs of challenger brands across the country. Whether our clients need help with individual projects or full campaigns, we’re here to help the underdogs fight the good fight. Our seasoned, talented team is committed to helping our clients win against the industry Goliaths that rule their categories. It’s what we do. It’s all we do. 



More than 20 years ago, we made a decision that changed the trajectory of our agency – and frankly, our careers – forever. We all loved underdog brands, and let’s be fair, who doesn’t? But instead of taking challenger brands as they came, we decided to seek them out. To go all in. We decided to study them, learn everything we could about them, and build an agency 100 percent dedicated to fighting for them. Today, LOOMIS is the country’s leading challenger brand marketing and advertising agency. Traditional marketing and advertising? Digital marketing and advertising? Promotions, loyalty programs, franchise support? Nobody has a better understanding of how to lead underdogs into battle than we do. 

Over the past two decades, we’ve helped drive billions of dollars in sales. We’ve helped sell tickets, services, memberships, and food items in the tens of millions. And we’ve been proud to help more than 100 clients build their companies, grow their sales, support their families, and connect with consumers to build a brand legacy that’s strong enough to outlast them. And through it all, our LOOMIS team got to take this ride together. 

We help underdogs win. It’s our culture. It’s our commitment. It’s who we are. Whatever your challenge is – digital marketing or otherwise – we’re ready to help. 


We challenge underdog brands to think differently. We help them find their voice, and urge them to blaze new trails to make sure they stand out from the pack. Whether you need an agency of record or support on a project, we are here to help you win.