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The rise of digital marketing in Dallas TX and beyond has been extraordinary over the past 20 years and like the actual universe, it’s an expanse that continues to grow every minute of every day. As consumers, digital is where we live now. We shop on our electronic devices. We read and study on them. Even when we’re sitting watching TV, studies show up to 95 percent of us have our cell phones in hand checking email, playing games, scrolling social media, and any of a dozen other things. Knowing that, it only makes sense that marketers would follow consumers online and meet them where they are.

According to PR Newswire, “the global digital advertising and marketing market was estimated at $350 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026. The U.S. digital advertising and marketing market alone is currently estimated at $460 billion.” To frame that a bit, for 2022, the entire U.S. car and automobile manufacturing market is estimated to be $104.2 billion. Digital marketing in Dallas TX, New York, L.A., Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and the rest of the world is big and just getting bigger. That’s why years ago, we partnered with the smartest and most talented team we knew for digital marketing in Dallas TX and made iluminere part of the LOOMIS family. Today, they are the digital engine that helps drive the country’s leading challenger brand advertising and marketing agency. 

Iluminere is an agency of innovation. It exists to drive business growth through igniting the connection between creative, technology, and data-science. Oh, and dogs. Like everyone at LOOMIS, our iluminere team is big on dogs. What’s truly special about our digital team is that while they excel in all things digital marketing and for clients across the country, they are also well-versed in challenger branding and the digital opportunities our clients can leverage. It’s not a marketing overlay. Digital is an integral part of our challenger brand culture and the solutions and direction we provide for our clients. 



As part of LOOMIS, iluminere offers comprehensive digital marketing for dozens of brands across the country. Our team is well-versed in every area of digital marketing, and we deliver our expertise in six key areas of service:

UX/UI – Understanding every facet of User Experience and User Interface is key to creating digital marketing work that is dynamic, disruptive, and effective. We bring decades of experience to our design of mobile applications, responsive websites, adaptive websites, content creation, in-store interactive displays, and promotions. From creative and implementation, to full analytics, we deliver work consumers can’t ignore with results our clients love. 

Strategy – Every great digital marketing campaign begins with strategy. And no matter the media or the communication, every great strategy begins with a strong consumer insight. Digital is no different. We deliver data-driven insights, transactional strategic development, marketing and promotion planning, concept development, and creative execution for small clients, major national corporations, and everything in between.

Social Media – As social media moves into its third decade, it shows no sign of slowing down. While longtime platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are still stalwarts, new apps like Tik Tok, Clubhouse, and BeReal continue to challenge convention and intrigue consumers. We are well-versed in every facet of social media and offer social strategy, calendar development, content creation, social promotions, social influencer marketing, and social reputation management for those ready to jump hip deep into the conversation.

e-Commerce – Conversation is one thing. Sales are quite another. In 2020, eCommerce accounted for 14 percent of retail sales with estimates putting that number at 22 percent by 2025. E-Commerce is no longer a “nice to have” for brands that want to compete. It’s a requirement for survival. We offer our clients both custom and off-the-shelf solutions for e-Commerce, as well as conversion optimization, social commerce, and mobile first solutions.

Digital Media – Whether it’s traditional or digital marketing, great creative is worthless if it’s unengaging, or nobody sees it. We offer our clients a full complement of media services including pay-per-click (PPC), programmatic display, data analytics, a digital influencer platform, and Google partnership. Our team knows how to make sure our clients’ brands get seen, clicked, and not just liked, but loved. 

CRM – Just like the rest of the digital marketing world, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) continues to evolve every year. And we’re learning right along with it. To assist our clients no matter how big their needs, we offer both custom and off-the-shelf CRM platforms and email retention programs, as well as mobile loyalty apps and text campaigns. 



Digital marketing in Dallas TX. It’s a fascinating place to live. As companies continue pouring into Texas from California, New York, and across the country, digital marketing in Dallas TX continues to flourish. Led by companies like iluminere, digital marketing is exploding here. And what’s so exciting to us, is that LOOMIS and iluminere bring a unique challenger brand perspective that’s unlike any other firm offering digital marketing in Dallas TX or anywhere else in the country. Beyond the quest for clicks, likes, follows, and engagement, we bring a mindset wholly committed to helping underdogs win. Without question, the advances in digital marketing give us a whole new flight of intriguing arrows for our challenger brand quiver giving our clients even better chances to compete and win against the category leaders. And here’s the secret reason why – everyone loves the underdog. 

More than any other media, digital and social platforms are driven by the love of brand. Likes, clicks, follows, shares. Digital and Social Media especially give consumers an extraordinary opportunity to engage with the brands they love and often in real time. Not only that, because we’re in the digital world, people can share, copy, and even slice and dice their favorite emails, commercials, videos, posts, and images into anything they want and pass them along, or repost for added exposure. Brand love swells like an out-of-control wave until you blink, and a million people have seen your post or conversation.

The one “Holy Grail” element of digital has always been its immediacy both in terms of creativity and analytics. Digital platforms give us an immediate opportunity to make our voices heard and respond in real time with the instant metrics to know who and if anyone heard us. In many of the same ways social media democratized the collective pulpit so everyone had a more equal voice, challenger brands that couldn’t afford traditional, multi-million-dollar media buys suddenly had a new place where they could compete. What they lacked in budget, they could make up for in creativity, insight, and cleverness. That’s not to say budget doesn’t matter. It clearly does. But thanks to the creative options digital, social media, and now “influencer marketing” provide, there are more opportunities than ever before for challenger brands to go big and to create their voice.



Digital marketing is all about fast. And while we can move just as fast as any other provider of digital marketing in Dallas TX or elsewhere, we temper that with a challenger brand strategy and creative that give us rocket fuel to go even faster. Because digital allows you to throw a lot at the wall to see what sticks, there are plenty of firms that lead with that approach. We’re more thoughtful than that. Unlike category leaders, challenger brands have to keep as much of their powder dry as possible. They have to look at the field of battle and visualize the fight before it even starts in order to maximize whatever advantage they can find. Category leaders are used to fighting on multiple fronts. Underdogs simply cannot. Challenger brands have to be big somewhere. We have to search for the chink in the armor, the point of weakness, the one vulnerability we can exploit and then hit it with everything we’ve got to try and level the playing field. With the right strategic blueprint, digital marketing can offer that for challenger brands. We know because that’s who we serve. Our clients don’t have an endless flow of resources. Every strategy, every creative execution, every placement matters. For challenger brands, digital marketing in Dallas TX and the rest of the world starts here. For brands like McAfee and Essilor. For Wigs.com, National United, Goodcents, and Rib Crib. For Papa John’s, Rug Doctor, VooDoo BBQ, and Fitness Connection. We are the country’s leading challenger brand agency for advertising and marketing and digital marketing is a muscle we continue to build. We’re helping underdogs in every category find their voices, get their footing, and win all over the world. We’re even exploring solutions for the next world to come. 



In 1993, the world was introduced to the World Wide Web and suddenly people were connected with information in the most revolutionary way in history. Years later, Web 2.0 was born, and social media connected us with each other. Now, Web 3.0 – the Metaverse – is upon us and once again the world and everything in it is about to be turned upside down. Or, more accurately, completely recreated. 

This is how Metaverse expert and author of “Navigating the Metaverse: A Guide to Limitless Possibilities in a Web 3.0 World” Cathy Hackl describes the imminent Web 3.0:

“I see the metaverse as the next step in how humans will engage with technology. It is a further convergence of our physical and digital lives. And, in some ways, it’s about the internet breaking free from the rectangles in our hands, desks and walls, and existing all around us. The metaverse makes our world into a combined experience of virtual and physical. In other words, it’s about shared virtual experiences that can happen in the physical, as well as the virtual world. We’re at the end of Web 2.0 which connected people and heading into Web 3.0 which connects people, places, and things. To me, the metaverse is an extension of what comes next for human creativity. It is also about our identity and digital ownership. The metaverse will be enabled by many different technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, 5G, edge computing and beyond.”

What an extraordinary opportunity that provides for those of us in digital marketing beyond. For every brand, but especially for challenger brands that could very quickly get left behind, it’s imperative that we start imagining what digital marketing will look like in the emerging Metaverse. At LOOMIS, we are. We’re already asking the question, “if, indeed, consumers start spending more time in digital spaces, how can we as brands make sure we are a presence there? How can we monetize that interaction? And if cryptocurrency in all its forms is how people will make purchases in the metaverse, what considerations do we need to make now to be ready?”

Digital and social are fascinating parts of the advertising and marketing world where we play. But with the metaverse, it feels as though we are about to shift from a world in black and white, to one in full color. Thinking about what’s just over the horizon is more than exciting. It’s a giant shot of pure adrenaline. When you build your own world, anything is possible and that includes the digital marketing you employ there. The creation of the Metaverse literally gives us a blank canvas and the only restriction is imagination. It also crystalizes for us just how important it is for challenger brands to work with an agency that truly understands what it means to be an underdog and how to navigate an overwhelming world with limited resources. That’s what we do. It’s all we do. If you’re a challenger brand in search of digital marketing in Dallas TX or around the country, let’s talk. 


We challenge underdog brands to think differently. We help them find their voice, and urge them to blaze new trails to make sure they stand out from the pack. Whether you need an agency of record or support on a project, we are here to help you win.