Making believers out of franchisees

Case Study_Steemer


Even with strong marketing leadership, franchise systems can be a handful. It’s critical for franchisees to believe in the effectiveness of their marketing communications programs, and that’s what Stanley Steemer was missing. Franchisees around the country were running their own local campaigns, and brand cohesion and sales were suffering as a result.


LOOMIS diagnosed the category and its consumers and came to a simple, yet significant conclusion. Purchasing carpet-cleaning services is a low-involvement and low-interest pursuit. People love to forget about it. Our solution was to develop a national campaign using a mnemonic device—otherwise known as a “jingle”—reminding people to get their carpets cleaned, and making Stanley Steemer the easiest name in the category to recall. The, “Call 1-800-Steemer, Stanley Steemer Gets Carpets Cleaner,” campaign was the result. And it produced big results.


We proved out the concept with 22 percent sales gains in Dallas and franchisees around the country responded. The campaign was picked up nationally, and has remained the focus of all company messaging due to its effectiveness. The company’s bottom line grew 4 times in just six years.